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New video feature

Events in Newcastle

If you're one of our registered members who posts events on the site, well things have just got a whole lot better for you!

You can now embed YouTube video within your event listing!

All you need to do is go to post your listing as usual, but you'll now see a new Video tab.  When you get to it, press the button to go to YouTube, select your video (which you need to have uploaded to YouTube obviously!) and then select the Share button on YouTube and hey presto...it appears within your listing!

If you're a band it's a great way of letting people see what they can look forward to.  If you're a theatre, perhaps you can embed some of your latest shows to tempt people in the fantastic evening they have ahead of them?

If you're a business, maybe you have a promotional video to show your potential event attendees?

The possibilities are endless!