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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really free?

Yes.  100%.  You’ll never be asked to pay to list your event on our site.

What area does my event have to be in?

The clue is in the title!  However, the rule is that your event postcode must start with NE.  This is also stated in our Terms.

What if my event is in another region?

Sorry, it won’t be listed if it doesn’t started with an NE postcode.  There are no exceptions.  However, sites are planned for a large number of other locations around the UK in the near future.

What do you do with my data if I register?

It is used purely for account administration.  We do not share it with anyone and we’ll not spam you.  Your data is safe with us.

How do I get a Featured Listing on the home page?

We choose events to be featured.  We select events that are either major occasions, unusual, have had a lot of effort put into them by the creator of the listing or that we feel will be of particular interest to our visitors.

How long does it take before an event is published after submission?

It depends.  We monitor submissions all the time, and normally you’ll find your event is moderated and published within the hour – but if you submit it at lunch time on Christmas Day then you shouldn’t expect the same response time!

Can I set up an event to run every week or on a schedule?

No.  You must create individual events.  This prevents our site being overly populated by events that aren’t really events!  Be assured, we will check submissions carefully and we do not tolerate site abuse that may spoil our visitors experience.

How do I contact you?

Use our contact form here or send an email to